Ilford's MG IV does respond to selenium tone a little bit--with extended times (5+ minutes in KRST 1:10) it turns a blue-purple color. I really don't care for this tone. Even though others recommend this paper, I don't use it myself because I find the d-max to be unacceptable compared to the warm-tone version. You should consider the Ilford WT FB because it responds very well to selenium toner. You can achive a wide range of huges. Also, if you develope it in ilford's cool tone developer, the greenish hue goes away and the paper is very cool.

Recently I have been using Oriental Warmtone VC FB. It is the warmest paper I have ever used, but it also responds even better to selenium than Ilford's WT. With KRST 1:10 twelve minutes turns the hue to a purple! I strongly recommend this paper for anybody who is a fan of selenium toning. Oriental also has a neutrall seagull paper that I would recommend trying out if you absolutly don't want a WT paper (I haven't tried it myself).

One last bit on papers, Foma papers tend to have a delecate emulsion and need extended fixing times (5 min in Ilford rapid fix 1:4).