I have done lots of still lifes in LF. mostly on pol 665 pos/neg, but that is coming to an end....

but also larger.

I use as a minimum medium format for still lifes; mostly because I want to see the images on a glass plate before I make the image..

I don't know what you mean by the "logistics" of Still lifes, but I have always felt it very difficult/challenging! regardless of the negative size.

I am as some will know, very intutive in my image making - so "all" I do is to have a lot of possible items ready, and then I use a fairly large amount of time, setting the still up.. That's the challenge! it can (for me) take hours before I realize, that that little item in the far right corner ruins the whole image....

but I also find it VERY interesting and a fun thing to do.

(picture on its way...)