I never even knew that there had been, an Australian distributor for these cameras!

About 1 1/2 years ago I was looking seriously at one of the Wista cameras and wished to check at least one out in the flesh before committing. I found out that there was nobody selling these in Australia, not sure whether there has ever been anyone distributing them.

Anyway, in the latest photographic trader (received in today's post) there is a display ad from Mainline Photographics, extolling the virtues of the Wista range with a picture of what looks like their base model flatbed wooden folder.

Don't look at their website though, the only reference to view cameras is the Ebony range, which apparently they also distribute, nothing as yet regarding Wista.

Whatever, it is encouraging that at least some camera shops are widening their range of products in wet photography. Very interesting to see that the main enlarging of the product range being procured and offered by various vendors, is 4x5 and upwards.

Ps:- anyone looking for an Ebony 8x10, in apparently pristine condition, there is one in the Trader. It's in Tassie!