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I know you're not inviting me to respond, John - but it really seems to me that their work is QUITE volumetric - and very representational. They appear to be kind of quasi cubist - if not directly so. Whereas abstract expressionism appeared to be a final leap acknowledging the idea of 'surface'. PURE painting (gestures on canvas) -without any obvious representation going on.
naaah, i don't mind sparky,

it's all good

yeah, quasi-cubist, volumetric ...
kind of like the beginning, and
the full expression was the 40s and 50s ...
(pardon the pun ... )

i always find it interesting to see if/how these folks
knew of, worked with, saw, and allowed eachother to influence their own artwork.
some seemed to be ahead of their time or working at the same time,
doing similar, if not the same sort of things, while others, took the seed that others planted, and went wild with it.