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I too would like to see another grade (higher or lower) of kentona. A lower grade would have the benefit of maybe using negatives made for alternative processes.
I did just recently acquire a mamiya 7, and though I'll use P.O.P. for contact printing those negatives, I would like to enlarge some of them. When I do, I'm going to use kentona. Two grades would make life a lot easier.
I'd also like more of a gloss. Steve had a great suggestion concerning the oven, it does work great, but how nice would it be if we could eliminate that step?
Although it's still another step, it at least keeps the paper and chems away from the food preparation- you could look into getting a ferrotyping plate. Another option would be the old stick-the-print-inside-a-clean-white-t-shirt-and-iron-it trick. That brings up the gloss quite nicely with many papers. Until I had drying screens in a rack, that's how I used to "flatten" my 16x20 prints on fiber paper when I lived in a rental apartment with an old stove. I once tried to dry a print in the oven- I was about 30 seconds late pulling it from the oven, and the paper had singed on the back in the pattern of the oven rack where it was in contact. Great way to throw away $10 worth of photo paper.