Kentona used to be available in Grades 2 & 3, because of very low sales Kentmere cut back to just the one grade about 20 years ago, at the time I had been planning to use it exclusively.

When Freestyle began selling Kentmere paper 2 or 3 years ago they listed 3 grades of Kentona on the Kentmere US website. (The website is Freestyle's, and had no input from Kentmere). I asked Kentmere about this at a trade show but they weren't sure but said if there was sufficient demand and the production run was pre-ordered it could probably be made.

So the reality is if US wholesalers/retailers thought they could sell other grades of Kentona then Kentmere/Ilford would be in a better position to look at re-introduction. (The UK market is too small) It is a very nice paper quite different from others on the market.