Last Day!

We have...

1 lmn
2 guissimo
3 gr82bart
4 Travis Nunn
5 walter23
6 Síle
7 copake_ham
8 John Bartley
9 geauxpez
10 FilmSprocket
11 Black Dog
12 bjazz
13 foxyscootie
14 semeuse
15 Rebeccammm
16 hkr
17Steve Smith
18Tim gray
25 k_jupiter

I still need an address for...

Please PM me with that info.

We have the needed 18 to start this thing. I believe since there was no outpouring of opinion for any film offered, that we will be using FP4+.

We had one person for Ilford, one person for Kodak, I looked again in the fridge for any APX100, no dice... so we will go with Ilford. Long before the camera gets back here I will have shot enough FP4+ to have the development down for this film.

tim in san jose