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Although I've never tried HP5+ in Rodinal, I regularly develop 120 Fortepan 400 in Rodinal 1:50. I get grain (which I don't find objectionable depending on the subject), but I also get incredible sharpness. The kind of sharpness that makes me feel like I could cut myself on the images.

Give it a whirl...with the right subjects I'll bet it's an amazing combination.
HP5 + in Rodinal is OK and my wife used this combo for about 2 years whilst I did HP5+ in Xtol. Side by side comparisons at 10x8 showed better results in Xtol (used neat). Having had Rodinal in the darkroom for a large number of years I would say it is more suited to slower films unless you are looking for grain. Also Rodinal is super for most infrared films. That is what I use it for these days. A very good developer all the same - give it a go it may be what you looking for.

Neil Souch.