With the news from Ilford and Agfa, a lot of us have been pointing out the great resources we have with the smaller manufacturers of film and paper- I for one am a little unclear on exactly who's who and who makes what (I know there is some "overlap")...

Anyone mind taking a crack at giving a good overview of the current "lay of the land" on these smaller manufacturers?

-Manufacturer name?
-factory location?
-private/publicly held, if private who is/are the owners?
-any info on financial heath, or health of parent company?
-any local political instability that could interfere with production?
-any info on future intentions/business model as relates to traditional
-products (brand names), product attributes as compared to similar products from the "big guys" ie-what will we be losing/gaining in the exchange?

Some of these issues could become important if our choices are going to dwindle, if anyone has any answers to help me get a better picture of whats going on I would much appreciate it.
If someone can get me started on this, I will do what research I can, maybe this could be a group effort, at least we will have a better idea of where we stand.