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I've read that the neg in Polaroid type 55 is Panatomic-X. It does have that look, but it seems odd that they would still make it for Polaroid, but wouldn't sell it as ordinary film.
Kodak is weird about marketing films. I spent 2 months talking to a marketing person about getting a custom order of 12x20 Tmax400. This would have been over $10,000 worth of film, and we had the commitments. It was all 'yes, sure, we can do that', but in the end, a bean counter up the chain decided that it was too much trouble to create a new catalog number for the film in that size. So we ended up with Tri-X, but strangely enough, they did not even bother to put it in 12x20 film boxes. They just slapped new labels on some old 16x20 paper boxes that they had. I don't really mind this except that I think it is an indication that they are not terribly concerned with what we really want. The prevailing attitude seems to be that we should learn to like what they want to give us, thus the 'we suggest Tmax100 as a replacement' for (take your pick) a) copy film b) tech pan c) plus-x d) verichrome pan