You're welcome Karl. I've been having a bit of fun with the N8008s I was given. If it were 1/2 inch taller it would fit my hands better, but that and a switch placement or two are the only real drawbacks for my shooting style. Very good for a randomly assigned camera. Oh yeah, sometimes my right thumb twitches to the right in mid-air after I release the shutter.

BTW, John can almost always find the way back to his car, and I've never seen his 8008, only his 7x17 and 8x10. I think the orientation difficulties only come when he's daydreaming about his assigned partner in a studio photography course this fall, reported to be a smart, attractive blonde 22 year old female dance and cheerleading instructor. He probably feigns difficulty understanding the Canon XTi they have to use half the time for class, and asks her to explain it over again after class every day or two.