Working in your kitchen or living room may not be as restrictive as you would think; if you can arrange your line of sight at least 45 degrees to a window, draping a bedsheet in front of it will give you a marvelous source of soft light. If memory serves, you are fairly far north, so winter light will be pretty low-angled and you can manipulate the "hardness" of direct light by using different fabrics; if you have a window facing south, this is great (north, not so much ) You may have an advantage in necessarily coming back to the same basic arrangement again and again; this helps enormously with the learning curve if it also suits your temperament.

Even if you don't use natural light, the one-light-and-a-reflector approach is also good for learning. Still-life is mostly about composition, so the fewer things you have to trip over (both literally and figuratively) the better off you will be.

Good luck!