We have... in order

1 Travis Nunn
2 Tim Gray
3 semeuse
4 copake_ham
5 gr82bart
Europe and UK
6 Síle
7 Steve Smith
8 Black Dog
9 bjazz
10 John Bartley
11 thebanana
12 walter23
13 lmn
14 FilmSprocket
15 Rebeccammm
16 geauxpez
17 foxyscootie
18 hkr
19 guissimo
20 k_jupiter

Since we have over 18, we are going to shoot ONE picture each.

I seem to remember two people with short time move dates. I can only find the correspondence for one. Please PM me if you are moving soon.

A list of rules (courtesy of gr82bart) and addresses will accompany the camera along with an extra camera battery. Please make sure the baggie with the directions, addresses and battery make it into the box every time.

When you send the camera on...

Turn off the camera!
Post a pagan Chicken recipe.

tim in san jose