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The world is a strange and wonderful place. It could happen......

But with Kodak's prices on film?????????
I wouldn't think they would be king again.

Are their films three to five times better then others?
They are often priced three to five times the price of other films.
well--actually--if you buy enough, it's not that expensive....our contract prices have changed a bit over the past few years, mostly due to a new purchasing system, but we used to get film, paper & chemistry at 80% off. Even now, the price of E6 is lower than the hazmat fee. Everything's lower than what a consumer pays off the street--just because of the large quantities. Polaroid, fuji, ilford etc. It's all about even.....there are probably more kodak materials used than anything though. They're so entrenched in industrial/gov't labs it's hard to believe there's even any other manufacturers of film & paper....