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Working in your kitchen or living room may not be as restrictive as you would think; if you can arrange your line of sight at least 45 degrees to a window, draping a bedsheet in front of it will give you a marvelous source of soft light. If memory serves, you are fairly far north, so winter light will be pretty low-angled and you can manipulate the "hardness" of direct light by using different fabrics; if you have a window facing south, this is great (north, not so much ) You may have an advantage in necessarily coming back to the same basic arrangement again and again; this helps enormously with the learning curve if it also suits your temperament.

Even if you don't use natural light, the one-light-and-a-reflector approach is also good for learning. Still-life is mostly about composition, so the fewer things you have to trip over (both literally and figuratively) the better off you will be.

Good luck!
Sounds like I better do some clearing out before I do this. I'm pretty restricted on where I can put this monster camera on it's stand. In fact, one lens can't be used with the camera on the stand. I found the only way to focus it was to put the camera on the kitchen table and focus toward the television set way across the room.

My biggest challenge will probably be to put up a background that hides what is already there.