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Hi Aggie, just updated the count. We've hit 102

We're looking pretty good! We have some cushion now which will come in very handy if moving to a dedicated server is required. I estimate our current hosting plan can hold us for another year before we need to upgrade to a larger plan. The larger plan should hold us for another year or two, and then if APUG is still growing we'll end up on a dedicated server (which will not be cheap, but with the subscriptions coming in we should be fine). The member subscriptions show how much support the community has, and reaffirms that we are here to stay! Thanks everyone!
I've been watching the growing numbers. Last year for the aniversary date of Sept. 7th we had around 950 members. It took til mid Oct. to hit 1000. We have picked up so far nearing 1600 in the last year. I am curious as to how many it will be Sept. 7th.

You may need to revise when you would make a jump to a new server type. At this rate which is nearly doubling, you have a lot of people joining. It would be nice if more subscribed so that evenutal move would not be a burden on you finacially.