Stefan, a simple Google search brings up plenty of material on the relative toxicity of Hydroquinone and Pyrogallol.

One line in "Environmental Goitrogenesis" - By Eduardo Gaitan states "Hydroquinone and Pyrogallol may cause discoloration of the skin, and Pyrogallol even death after topical application. This is a scientific publication with plenty of references to other sources.

Another states "PYROGALLIC ACID (pyrogallol, 1,2,3-trihydroxybenzene). Pyrogallol is highly toxic by every route of exposure and can also readily be absorbed through the skin. It then goes on to list the problems.

There is plenty of documented evidence again in scientific publication, looking into the causes of sickness in darkroom workers, and the word Pyrogallol features in them all as being by far the most toxic of the developing agents.

So Anchell & Troop aren't printing myths, it's one of the reasons why photographers and more particularly manufacturers like Kodak, Ilford & Agfa moved away from using Pyro based developers. The smaller scale use is far less of a problem, in comparison top commercial darkroom & their workers exposed to Pyrogallol throughout the whole of each working day a century ago.

If you choose to ignore scientific facts, published widely and freely available that's up to you. The evidence is there if you look for it.