well I got the last one of the orginal run...they will have about a dozen in a week, and in one month be up and ready for full scale sales,,,they are just starting operation so bear with them. I got mine since I live by them and have been asking around for months to find them..then when I found them, they said they would save me one of the first ones. I love it. My cats are wondering about me walking around the house looking through this tiny thing. But it is pouring buckets outside and still being sick, do not want to go stand out side in the rain to test it outside. I could talk your ear off about it, but I will shut up.

David, You need to go to the Ironwood thing. Then you can play with it. Maybe if they have some available, I could take extras with me.

Oh on codacil. It is meant mainly for B&W work with the zone system. Color it varies, but you have to work with it and your use of color to work out how it preforms.

now i really will shut up