John, wherever you got those posts from, they were not from me. I have found a post from you here

which I do not recognize as anything I have ever written. Could you possibly have got this material from my co-author Steve Anchell? Wherever you got it from, I don't think much of it.

Regarding Pyrogallol and toxicity, I really think Gordon Hutchings is the expert on this; I trust his asseveration that the chemical is unusually dangerous -- certainly more so than HQ. To take an MSDS as a literal statement of established scientific truth is ridiculous. They are often contradictory or have a commercial agenda. Gordon is not a scientist but he has done a good three decades of careful research on this chemical. I don't think the observations in his book are fanciful. Just my opinion.

Thanks, Ron, for looking out for my back! Greetings and best wishes to everyone !

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On the subject of Anchell and Troop's level of warning on chemicals, I have collected some posts by Bill Troop about the VMI mercury intensifier because a have a set of negatives that would benefit from that type of intensification. In his posts, he warns that mercuric chloride is "caustic" and needs to he handled with care.

Now, as much as I very much admire the author's work and efforts to be helpful, I find it extraordinary that he should not issue warnings about the danger of mercury compounds and the need to dispose of them responsibly. I get the impression that he feels very competent in his own use of such chemicals (as do I), but he is remiss in not being more thorough at least in this case.

On the subject of hydroquinone, at least it degrades in the environment, and is safe enough to be used with normal precautions.