I mixed up a liter of Ilford ID68 and the replenisher about eleven months ago. I used it quite a bit in the first couple of months and kept adding replensiher as I used it. As an indication, the original liter of replenisher is now, maybe 750-800 ml. Anyway, I haven't used the ID68 in a while. It's been sitting untouched for probably 8 months. Last night, I had some Foma 200 to dev (not my standard film) and after running the first sheet through some D-23, I gave the well aged bottle of ID-68 a go. Well, it worked but, I was hoping for a little more shadow detail - more speed from the film. To my surprise and dismay, the results were roughly comparable to those obtained from the sheet dev'd in D-23.

Now, my exposure technique aside, should I expect the almost year-old ID-68 to be "just fine" or, is it time to mix up a fresh batch? ( I really love this stuff with HP-5 pushed a stop or two).