Thankyou both for your replies.
Matt, the switch in the battery housing is set to the NC position so I assume that it is a NiCad battery fitted. I cleaned the contacts on both battery housing and battery and after packing the base of the housing (I not that there is a screw missing that goes through the base to lift the battery into position) put the unit on charge. After a few minutes a green diode lit where the charger connects. After a night charging a red light also appeared.
Doyle has said that the strobe head connects on the opposite side of the battery unit to the charger and I tried this to find that when the unit was switched on then a red diode on the top flashed and a red light on the back of the strobe lit. Testing the head was successful!!!!

Thankyou both for the information and the links. I will use these to establish how to use the 60CT, if I have problems I will post again.
Really appreciated the help,