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I am presuming that it is a dryfit you have. The metz accumulator has circuitry to prevent the cell from being over charged. The dryfit is a gelled electrolyte version of a car battery. If not kept charged, the sulfur will drop out of the sulfuric acid solution, and the battery will begin to 'bulge' - walls will no longer be straight. I charge my CT1 after every time that I give it a good workout, even if it is still recycling promptly.

In Canada a new dryfit goes for about $65, plus shipping if it must be mailed to you, so look after the battery. With care they in professional (heavy) use usually are considered to last a few years; with regular charging you should be able to keep a new one ticking longer than that.

Flash that have not been used for a while often need to let the capacitor 're-form'. Just turn the flash on, but don't fire it for the first half hour or so. This will let the paste electrolyte in the unit to get itself back in an energized configuration before the unit is discherged. This will prevent premture capacitor failure due to internal arc over.
Hi Mike,
Thankyou for the advice and information, it has been noted.
The unit is working fine at present but I will bear your comments in mind when it needs a new battery.
Again many thanks,