I have souped both, but never in HC110. The sheet inside one of my sxx boxes states:
Cont. Agitation times
hc110 A 65f/18c 4min 68f/20c 3.25min
hc110b 65f/18c 5min 68f/20c 4.25min

I have used with success
D76 ei of 100 68f 13m 1:3
Microdol-X ei of ~50 68f 11m (I think) 1:3
ABC Pyro ei of ~25 The times and dilutions escape me but the pyro negs looked the best but the film speed was way to low for my intended uses.

I can't help you with PXP (except that I think it looks great in D76 rated @just under 100 and soup'd as per kodak's instructions)