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Contrast has a really thick base. Contrast does not
have the characteristic thin lith-style base, ... Kodak
does not recommend Kodalith as a developer for Contrast.
I see no reason to conclude that it is a lith film.
End usage likely an issue of base thickness. Save for
the RA line/half tone films there are no LITH films perse.
A lith developer is needed to produce lith results which
need not be high contrast results. Lith prints often
have a pictorial gradation.

I detect some confusion and it is due to terminology.
Lith, half-tone, graphic art, line, ortho, process. Any
of several films can qualify for all those descriptives.

For example I just went Google for, Soemarko LC-1
Developer. Specifically the article deals with APH and
APHS; Half Tone and Half Tone Supreme LITH films. His
developer; pictorial results from those, general category,
graphic art films. Worth a read. Dan