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What film???..EC
i'm thinking acros 100 but also like neopan 400. i just tried some acros in rodinal and like the look but i really don't like grain at all. i like the look of fomapan 100 also but just shot my first roll in the last few days and haven't dipped it yet. other films to consider: pan f, fp4, apx 100

thanks for all the info everyone.

i really want to try pyro too and i'm sure i don't have to tell you guys but the combinations of film/developers becomes mindboggling very quickly.

i've pretty much been shooting neopan 400@200 devp. in D-76 1:1 for most of my shooting. this combo works quite well but i'm searching for something with a little more range to it. this combo has nice shadows (especially when using strobes) and pure whites that really don't seem to blow out even @ 50-100 EI but lacks some mid tones. also, it's quite good with the grain but anything that allows less grain is fine by me.