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Hi All,

I've been shooting APX 400 at box speed but the general impression I get is that this film is not a true 400 speed film. Anyone have experience shooting with APX 400 and what speed do you rate this at? I'm thinking 250 to 320 EI.

In case it matters, the developers I use consists of Rodinal, FX-37 and a pyro-metol TEA developer.
I just bought 50 rolls from Freestyle as my "shoot around film", after testing with my Sigma SA 9 I rate it at 320 for Edwal 12, 200 for Microdal X, and 400 for DK50. I would have thought that it would test out at 400 for Rodinal as well, but I am using up all of my old stock so I have not test with Rodinal.