To all my fellow MSA photographers!
First, let me thank you for taking the time and making the effort to post your wonderful photos and share your truly personal stories in the S/O MSA.
I was SO impressed with the entries, that I pm'd John to see if I could declare you ALL winners. He told me the rule is one winner but I was free to also select runners up, which I have done.
Believe me folks, this was very difficult for me, but here goes:
1st place: Mom and Dad by Film Sprocket
2nd place: The Family by John Bartley
3rd place: An Afternoon with Dad by Shicks 5319
Honorable Mentions:
Mom's Kitchen Part 3 by fhovie
My Favorite Beach by jim again

Congratulations to all and good luck Film Sprocket with the Jan/Feb contest.
Best Regards,
barbara ann