Thank you all. I couldn’t be happier with the response, twelve months in advance of the event.

Travis, thank you. We are still sorting out dates. There was only one women at Bill’s event. She seemed to be enjoying it. I hope she will join us here. If your girl friend likes photography, she is certainly welcome.

Shawn, Happy to have you. I am hopping this event will help introduce more Midwestern photographers to each other.

Bill, it is your fault. Happy to have our mentor check in. We may have to recruit you to lead the midnight bull sessions. At your event I was exhausted by the end of dinner (10:00 PM) and had to go to bed after loading film holders. I gather I missed a lot, but it was the best I could do. I didn’t realize until the group picture that I was the oldest one there carrying the biggest camera. Something wrong or very right with that.

Jim, it was great meeting you in June. Hope you will come and add your wit and wisdom to the pot.

Cody, Great. I knew we would have some more fun together.

John, if there is interest we can start early for a few and build toward the weekend. Since you have already found a white Speedster we will have to see what other attractions draw your attention.

Thomas, I will PM you to discuss ways we can stagger the times. I am guessing that there are some midway between us that might want to go both directions. Do you think there are many who could afford to go to both events within a month? I mean afford both in the time away sense as well as financially.

Daniel, your work just gets better every time I see it. Glad you are coming. Hope we will have more time to talk.

Mike, I couldn’t agree with you more. Great bunch of people. Well worth the drive to see the work, enjoy the people and look at a new place to shoot.

I thought of another attraction to add to the list. In the Critical gallery look at Peter Spangenberg’s Nelson Ledges 4x10 shot. Peter took me out there (an hour east of here). It is beautiful, photogenic and very strange with Beech tree roots crawling down 50 foot cliffs. Ohio’s version of Angkor Wat without the temples. Not a place to go with vertigo, but beautiful otherwise.

You all come.