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that link doesn't work^^

yeah, the pyro stuff sounds interesting. i definitely have to try it.

how different is that from rodinal + ascorbic acid?

the pyro is a stain, correct? other than that, it sounds similar to rodinal+ascorbic. is the lack of grain a factor of adding ascorbic acid or from the stain or both? (forgive my questions as i'm just getting into all of this and as i've already stated, the combos become mindboggling.)

also, saw the post on metol+sulfite/ascorbic acid. this seems similar except that it appears to be too grainy for my tastes. am i understanding things correctly or . . . ?

thanks to all--i'll grasp all of this, i promise!
Pyro is a term that usually means pyrogallol, or 1,2,3 trihydroxybenzene, which is usually a staining developer and just about always a tanning developer that makes the image stand out in relief in the emulsion. Pyrocat is short for Pyrocatechin or pyrocatechol or catechol or 1,2 dihydroxybenzene, also a staining and tanning developing agent. Whether you get staining depends a lot on how much sulfite is in the developer. Less sulfite = more staining.