Chloroacetic acid is used by dermatologists to cauterize the skin when growths are removed. It is certainly not good to get on your body or to inhale the vapors. It will burn you. OTOH, it can be placed on a swab and applied to an open wound. It is not like phenol, lye or sulfuric acid which would just keep on eating away at you and which can cause severe chemical burns.

The synthesis of glycin is very very simple and straightforward. In some ways, it is no more difficult to make than some of the photographic solutions we have seen mixed here.

If you use chloroacetic acid, no dust mask will protect your lungs. You must use a hood with good suction and the ventiated gas must not be discharged in such a way as to hurt anyone. Either that or you must work outdoors. In any case, you must make the glycin in small quantities if you insist on doing it.

Personally, I think that this is a very dangerous idea even if it is rather simple to accomplish. Just because it is simple does not mean the idea is worthwhile or practical or safe.