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Went over to Jessops today... Surprise surprise no-one there had heard the news about Agfa or Ilford so I guess that shows their commitment to film
You're doing better than round here - In the Bournemouth shop you're lucky to find someone who even know who Ilford are. On the odd occasion I've bought film there most of the assistants insist that the formats I've asked for doesn't exist (until someone else finds it for them). I usually stomp around a bit, swear at that manager about the dreadfull service, and lack of choice.

The last time I was there I also stocked up on Ilford surplies - I bought the shops entire inventory of Ilford Fibre paper: THE WHOLE BOX (100 sheets).

I look forward to the time when Jessops set up another of their "specialist centers" - for photography! I don't see Jessops surviving much longer - once they've transitioned everyone to digital, they're just a more expensive alternative to PC World and Staples.