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... The point of this is that I am not a typical "photographer". Apparently many on these forums are not typical either. We are not into the digital conundrum of continuous hardware upgrading or the instant gratification or the lack of tactility. My view is that many here are into the craftsmanship of the photograph. To this end, we are in the minority and the majority drives the marketplace.

I do photography because I love it. I discovered it 30-odd years ago and it was love at first sight. It is my religion, my sport, my hobby, my enjoyment, my obsession. A very important part of my life may be having to face a major adjustment. I don't freaking like it.

So, anyway, this is my sad way of saying "hello".
Lee, Welcome here from another who "burnt out", I think you have summed-up why many of us are here beautifully. Great to have you on-board