David, Adams says he used Super-XX in "Examples". to quote; "With the thick-emulsion film I was using, this reversal could be revealed by the use of a compensating developer, such as the Windisch Pyrocatechin formula."
and "My first negative was planned for development in Kodak D-23. The film was Kodak Super-XX, a fine material of the "thick-emulsion" type." and "The second exposure was identical to the first, but compensating developmennt was planned for the desired reversal effect." So based on that, if I was trying to achieve this effect, I'd try the Windisch developer and see what happens. Might be worth scaring up some old Super-XX as well- perhaps Michael A. Smith will let you have some. I did see the photograph in question in the recent Adams retrospective at the GEH (currently the show is at the Corcoran in Washington) and it's a very powrful image in real life. It would be worth tracking down a print in NYC to see the real thing.