I thought I'd throw out an update for those following. I got the plastic pieces and put together my baths. Bruce, if you decide to deal with Regal make sure you talk to an experienced sales person. Mine didn't exactly know what was 'free.' Instead of finding out they did the work anyway and tried to come back with a $50 surcharge because there were some small pieces. The also charged 1sqft per piece! I told her I would have just cut it myself if I'd known that. In the end we reached a settlement. The cool thing was they threw in all these 'scraps' from around the place when I picked up my order. I got all sorts of sizes and colors.
I am glad that they cut the pieces. My jigsaw and bandsaw can't get that smooth.....
Anyway, I was able to assemble two baths and made a helper tray. I also received my chemicals and just made the rest of them today. I made the collodion on wednesday and hope to make a first attempt this weekend.
Tonight I will be 'seasoning' the silver bath and after that I think I'm all set.

I'll probably watch parts of Coffer's dvds again to try and avoid mistakes.
So hopefully I'll have something to show soon......