I'm all excited!!!!

In a week when many of us have been worrying about the future avaliability of our favourite films Maco have quietly slipped out a new 127 film, increasing my choice of films by 50%

MacoColor 200. The actual stock is probably nothing new, but it's the first C41 127 film has been available since the big player dropped it 10 years or so ago.

It completes their range with UP100 (b&W - probably rebadged Efke), and MacoChrome E6.

Unfortunatly the price is a bit steep, but it's available from the usual places (retro, photoimpex etc).

It's reasuring to know that as the big players tell us they don't want our money, smaller companies are stepping in, and providing the services we want.

Go and dust of that baby Rollei, Komaflex, Yashica, or Exacta and shoot some 127. It's the most fun format you can get!

I gotta get me some....