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Can I be frank about something?

I love the idea of taking part in the camera exchange.

But I'm really getting tired of this chicken recipe stuff.

Within our small family (Theresa and myself) I am the cook. I have many recipes of all types - but this is a film forum. I'm interested in banter about film, pics, what folks might want to shoot/share with the exchange etc.

But, to put it bluntly, I think the chicken recipe thing is played-out and is getting irritating.

If you want to drop me out for being a "spoil sport" fine - but I've about had it with chicken stuff.

The camera is gone. You don't want to participate, send a note to semeuse telling them to bypass you on the list and send it to Art. You don't want to monitor the thread and receive chicken recipes, don't. There are tools that will prevent you from participating. This isn't a problem.

Nobody told you you had to post a recipe. Nobody said you had to read the thread. Nobody said you had to shoot the damn film.

I like the pagan chicken part of this. I like the fact that it's B&W. I like the fact that you will get your negative and be able to post an image you have made yourself. If you don't George, make a decision. Play or don't play. There will be a round 6, probably by someone who sends around a disposable camera with color film, and does all the standard things with it; More to your liking.

I don't care.

tim in san jose