Stevebeyer, welcome to APUG and welcome to the Northern Ohio Gathering. We have narrowed the time frame to a choice of the last weekend of September or one of the first two weekends of October 2008. You might read Bill Schwab’s "Annual" Northern Michigan Gathering 2007 to get a better idea of what we will try to model. As this thread continues we will determine if the interest allows us to start Friday, Thursday, Wednesday or what.

Peter, you’ve told me you like deadlines as motivators. Your welcome entrance ticket is to bring more Nelson Ledges 4x10 prints for show and tell. Start printing, there are only 11 months before show time.

Rosey, if you shoot film and are part of APUG, you are welcome. This is all about the camaraderie of people who are really crazy about photography. It is another chance to get together, talk, shoot, and see work to a level that would drive all our sane friends nuts. You are welcome to come, show your work, or just see what other people are doing, your choice.

John Powers