First: Secure our borders. It is the right of a free society to monitor, screen and profile in order to protect the population at large. This is not creating a problem for citizens of a country. As a resident of a border state, I continue to see a policy of appeasement with respect to illegals. The Tucson sector alone apprehends between 500,000 and 1,000,000 each year. Many of these people are from countries which are openly hostile to the U.S. The troops coming home from Germany, Korea, etc. should have a mission to secure the borders.

Second: Put some teeth in the law to place the burden on illegals. Anyone caught here without a proper visa should be finger printed, voice printed and identified so that they are never eligible for citizenship when they are deported.

Third: Once the borders are secured, start to deport those who are apprehended and not here legally.

Fourth: Implement profiling of those people who come from countries which have nests of terrorists. Put more resources into screening procedures to allow for a more intensive scrutiny of individuals who fit the "profile".

Fifth: None of this will work because the courts in the U.S. only allow for profiling to implement affirmative action.

Please flame away!

P.S. "I voted for the 87 billion dollars for Iraq before I voted against it." Kerry