Recently I have been going around my home town reproducing photographs of a hundred years ago by shooting from as near as possible the same spot as those guys did all those years ago, a sort of 'Then and Now' project purely for my own pleasure.
Everyone I've met whilst doing this has been curious and helpful. I have even been able to photograph on old Ministry of Defence land without hindrance.
However on visiting our little railway station I was told 'Oi! You can't do that!' On enquiring why I was informed 'It's security! You could be a terrorist!'
Now, I understand the world has changed since 9/11 and people have to be more careful etc.
Surely if I was a terrorist I would have used some tiny digicam the size of a booger and got the photographs I required surrepticiously? I would not have turned up carrying a tripod, a camera, a camera bag, or asked permission to photograph on the platform!
It was a non busy time of day on a sunday morning and I showed them examples of work already completed and also the photograph of the station I wished to reproduce. Yet I was still refused permission to photograph by the 'Person' on the gate.
Feeling a touch miffed I emailed the rail company enquiring if it was now policy for them to confiscate tourists cameras, to refuse rail enthusiasts permission to photograph trains, to refuse trainspotters access to the platforms?
I got a reply stating it was ok to photograph on any station so long as the passage of customers was not impeded and so long as I did not use a tripod.

It seems to me that 9/11 security has been a gift to all the little 'jobsworths' out there to hassle people and gain themselves a little authority.