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I've been using a red led safelight for about 6 months now in my darkroom and it is extremely bright without fogging anything. I just plugged it into the normal room light and now don't even have a white light at all (except for the 300W for exposing Azo).

I'm wondering if there is an LED safelight that would be in the right output range for development by inspection? What is the safe range? Even with the green safelight you can only have it on for a short time, so would an LED work better if it was limited to a particular slice of the spectrum that the green filter can't entirely filter out?
I'm thinking of trying the green LED approach, but I've been shooting 120 film all summer, and haven't been able to try DBI. Hopefully in a month or two.
I did enough research to find out that the wavelength of a green LED is centered at the same point as a Kodak #3 green filter, so LED's should work as well, but I have no experience on the intensity. I plan to start with a single low power (20mA) LED and go from there.

An advantage I see with the LED approach ( I use a red LED for my main safelight) is that they can be battery operated. and placed anywhere. My 'darkroom' gets converted back to a bathroom at the end of the day, so wiring and hanging lights were needed is not an option