Well I had a fun weekend!
I did three plates on saturday and three on sunday.
I posted on quinn's wet plate forum (yes i finally got in!) about some issues I was having. So far, the hardest part seems to be the development. I tried my helper tray but I kept getting islands, so i switched to the tilt tray method.
I was also overdeveloping. I don't know by how much but Sunday I started counting off and used Greg's (from the other forum) suggestion of 12sec for development. That helped a lot with the veiling issues I was having but I still have some. Here is the last plate I took. I have a couple things going on. I was able to rub off some of the scum with my finger (any reason I can't use my finger instead of a cotton square?), but there is still some there (look at the blacks). I also have the chemical swirlies showing up in the upper left and bottom. I think this is all at development. Maybe I need to filter it better. This plate was from the bottom of the developer bottom and there was a little precipitate. I decanted as best I could.....
Also, rinsing after developing. How long in the first bath? Is tap water fine? How long rinsing total before fixing?
Despite the 'issues' (I expected quite a few ) this is pretty damn cool!