Hi Charlie
On all the springs I've opened the housing on, they were one piece. I've taken a few out. I wouldn't call them razor sharp. they just aren't very blunt. The big issue is if they let go they are hard to control and one coulld get hurt, but if one is careful it can be done. I've taken out my #16 spring to clean and got it back just fine. I've replaced a #10 spring as wel as cleaning a few others.
If I were you I would contact Ron Klein and see if he would replace it for you. No one would do a better job. Technically, He knows cirkuts better than anyone I can think of. He's also a great photographer. The cirkut is not a clock, and oil is very bad. Use graphite and ignore the clock people. A clock spring unwinds slowly, whereas the cirkut spring unwinds quickly and the oil gets sticky and is more likely to cause banding.