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There are a number of red LED's on the market now I have been wondering if anybody has tried them as a general purpose safe light ?
It depends on the exact spectrum emitted, which I don't know. My first darkroom experience was with a fairly bright red bulb (in a rental place) and I hwas having a horrible time getting my test strips consistent with my real exposures until I noticed that my safelight was actually not very safe at all, and that it would have an effect on the paper after maybe a minute of exposure. Obviously this was unacceptable so I switched safelights and suddenly darkroom work became a lot easier and my exposures weren't all over the map

The simple solution is to buy one and test it. Put a quarter on a piece of paper (to make a circular shadow) and shine the red LED on it for a few minutes. If you see the outline your LED is no good, though you might be able to buy the right kind of red filter to put over the LEDs and restrict the spectrum.