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this is probably a stupid question but just how bright are those led lights? Do they compare to a thomas safelight type brightness?

and Sal how would you describe the brightness of that 35,000 hour bulb you recommend?

I have for years used red christmas lights screwed into little night light units that plug into a regular wall plug. According to my testing they don't fog any kind of paper at all even at a distance of 3 feet. Very cheap and easy. A little dim though. I am very used to working in dim light so it is fine.
Better dim than too strong.

I work in a tiny space (one rental darkroom closet unit just off of a big common wet sink area) and I moved my safelight to the very "back" of the room behind me. I shadow the paper while I'm working (though tests show my safelight is perfectly safe), and as a bonus this lets me read the dichroic filter setting dials on the colour head to dial in grade filtration under safe light, which was impossible when I had the safelight in front of me mounted above the wall behind the enlarger.