Efke films are based on the old Adox formulas, and the new Adox brand will be made by Efke (but there's some additional confusion created by the fact that there is a Canadian company that also seems to have rights to the Adox trademark).

Foma is an independent company in the Czech Republic.

Forte is a former Kodak factory in Hungary (but don't assume that any of their products are equivalent to any Kodak products, even from the 1960s). They make J&C Classic and ClassicPan films from fotoimpex as well as Bergger, but there is conflicting information as to whether films of the same speed are all cut from the same stock.

Orwo was the East German remnant of Agfa, and they exist and are branding film, but I'm not sure what their status is now. My impression is that Orwo 125 is FP4+. I own a movie made in Poland and printed on 35mm Orwo color stock from the early 1970s that is really nice.

Lucky is the Chinese brand.

Maco is also Cachet in the U.S., but I've heard that contract may have ended.

Luminos papers packaged in Brooklyn, NY are made by Kentmere in the U.K.