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I jsut called the place that Sal recommended and asked about that led and the salesman told me it would be about the same brightness as a christmas tree bulb. so if that is the case I will stick with the xmas tree bulbs as they are very cheap and easy and don't fog the papers I use.
I can't argue with your results but would advise that you not count on the christmas tree bulb's red paint maintaining its transmissive characteristics long term; do retest for fogging from time to time.

As far as brightness, the red OptiLed puts out 45 lumens over a 130-degree angle. I don't know how many lumens a red 7 watt christmas tree bulb provides, but a similar white 7 watt night light version


claims 35. The red paint must attenuate that quite a bit. I bounce one red OptiLed off the white ceiling of my roughly 6' x 8' bathroom when it's configured for printing. Things are comfortably bright, even for these aging eyes.