Hi All -

I'm a dedicated B&W guy looking for a solid diffused light machine and I came across a Durst 138 with all of the following:CLS301 color head, 180mm, 105mm, 210mm lenses, Durst Lafan N Power Supply/Stabilizer, Gralab 525 timer, Durst Latibox 69, extra latibox (condenser) in box, cooling fan, tubes, extra lamp housing, and footswitch
That being said, what else would I need to start printing 35mm, 120 and 4x5 besides my 50mm and 80mm lenses? Will I need unique lens boards, negative carriers, and unknown ungodly expensive stuff for each format and if so, is it even getable?

I would greatly appreciate any info you could share or resources you could point me too.

Thanks in advance