Its been about a year & half since I last got to work with an enlarger. I have a small section of my basement blocked off that I occasionally use to do 4x5 contact prints, and used a neg scanner to do anything larger. Scanner works good for 4x5 negatives, but I've never been happy with 35mm ones. Anyways, I've been having an itch to start doing some good old wet printing again. Today I was at a nearby photo shop to pick up some batteries for my camera and browed over to two very elderly enlargers, one being an old homely non-variable condenser D-II speckled with bits of rust. With its big puppy dog eyes, and no massive shipping fees, I was interested.

I asked on the price and the first salesman said "whatever you want to take it out of here." while the other butsed out the 2003 blue book and found the price without lens and said $100.

This seem fair for a no frills/no lens D-II, or should I try to talk them into throwing one on with it? Also, Is there anything should look at to make sure everything is in working order that I wouldn't be able to repair myself/or find parts for?

What about for lenses? I'm thinking that a set of a 50mm & a 135mm lenses should cover 4x5 & 35mm pretty well. We dug through a few boxes of enlarging lenses in the shop ranging from about a 50mm Zeiss Tessar to a 160mm Wollensak Velostigmat. How much should I be concerned that none of the lenses were on lensboards? There may be some somewhere in the shop that they'd throw in with it, but if not. . . .?