It's one of those dark Fall days, my wife is working late, and I am all ready behind in my days work. Lacking motivation I went to a late lunch and stopped off at the local used bookstore. Someone had sold a bunch of Ansel Adams books and they were out for sale. I had some of them and the ones printed poorly weren't worth buying. I notice one book "Yosemite and the Range of light" which I have in paper back but took a look anyway because this copy was a hardcover. I saw the price on the dust jacket and it was $9.98 so I thought why not look inside. The first thing I saw was the $100.00 price. The next thing I saw was the card put into this book with a note that it was a special edition, and I saw the unmistakable signature of Ansel Adams. I bought it and three others for under thirty dollars.

I feel more motivated so I'm off to the darkroom to develop some 8x10 negatives of my wife and son that I took this last weekend.