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After the Ilford news, I've started to think: Who could be manufacturing B&W silver based material in the near future?
BTW, very little spoken about - but the Efke factory is closed.

So, some crystal ball guesses:

- There is this German group. Nobody knows yet what they will really do.
- Fuji - Not a word from them.
- Kodak has purchased an stake in Lucky of China , they have a new B&W emulsion.
- Kodak - Unoficial info that they would be moving all B&W paper production to Brazil.

So, could be that big yellow will be the last resort?

Jorge O
Efke just delivered new PL100 to us this week, so I guess that answers the question about Efke.

The Lucky emulsion is not a Tmax like product as many have specualted. In fact the anti halo coating on this film is very weak resulting in interesting images when bright light is involved. We were going to import this to the US but decided not to.